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The Training Modules


The Professional Training Programme is currently structured over eight two day weekends to best facilitate those travelling from across Britain and Ireland. These weekends are largely structured under the following headings and in more detail further below:


  • Beginnings - Dora Kalff and the Basics - Symbol, Sand and the Free and Protected Space.
  • Foundations - Jung and Neumann - The structure of the psyche and developmental stages.
  • Individuation - Key concepts of Jung, Symbols, Archetypes and the Transcendent Function.
  • Sandplay with Children - Developmental issues and Trauma.
  • Sandplay with Adults - The language of the Psyche and the Clinical Relationship.
  • Psyche and Soma - Symptoms of the Mind & Symptoms of the Body.
  • Image and Healing - myths, fairtales, dreams and active imagination.
  • Looking to the future as Jungian Sandplay Therapists and members of BISS and ISST


The next cycle of the Training Progamme is due to begin in September 2019. For enquiries please contact Hilary at Please be aware that it is a requirement that all applicants will have completed the required minimum personal sandplay process, in advance of beginning training.



The BISS Jungian Sandplay Training Programme Course encompasses and integrates a Jungian theory of psychology with clinical / case material in order to provide a foundation for understanding the work of Jung and Kalff and the application of Jungian Sandplay for clinical practice.  The training programme broadly follows the outline given below:


The Early Foundations of Jungian Sandplay:

Jung, Kalff, Lowenfeld and Neumann.

The concept of the ‘free and protected space’ in Sandplay.

Relationship between symbol and sand.

Developmental understanding of play.


Theoretical Underpinnings of Jungian Sandplay:

The structure of the psyche.

The concepts of archetype, complex, anima / animus, ego and self.

Stages of psychological development in the work of Jung, Neumann and Kalff.

The language of symbol and archetype.

Individuation and the transcendent function in Jungian Sandplay.

Understanding transference and counter-transference in the therapeutic relationship.


Sandplay with Children:

Child Development within a Jungian framework.

Attachment, archetypes and internal working models – the work of Kalff, Stevens and Knox.

Jungian Sandplay as a means of resolving developmental trauma.


Sandplay with Adults:

The concept of individuation in the sandplay processes of adults.

Opposites and shadow in Jungian psychology.

Archetypes and the transcendent function in adult psychology.


Mind and Body / Psyche and Soma:

Physical and sensory aspects of Jungian Sandplay as a therapeutic method.

Sandplay as a means of integration for psyche and soma.

Active imagination in Jungian Sandplay – working with myths, fairytales and dream material.

Alchemy as a model for describing the transformational process in Sandplay.


Looking to the future as Jungian Sandplay Therapists:

Moving towards practice in Sandplay.

How to write a symbol paper.

Preparing a final ISST Clinical Sandplay Case so as to demonstrate an understanding of Jungian and Kalffian theory.


Organisational matters relating to BISS & ISST.

Ethics in Practice.