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Application Requirements


Application requirements:

In order to apply to train with BISS the following are required:

  1. A university education as a medical doctor, teacher, psychologist, theologian, clinical social worker or a specialised training in one of the humanities or social sciences. Persons not having a university education but who can demonstrate adequate educational background will also be considered.
  2. Evidence of having had some in-depth inner development and insight, such as may be achieved in the experience of personal analysis or other disciplines leading to such developments.
  3. Some evidence of having applied the above practically in relation to others.
  4. The applicant is required to have undergone Sandplay therapy themselves, with a member of the International organisation, ISST. (Minimum of twenty sand trays.)
  5. Application is by submission of a CV indicating how the above criteria have been satisfied together with appropriate evidence.
  6. Licensure to practise in countries and regions where licensure is required.
  7. Exceptions may be made for exceptional persons.


The next Training programme begins: Spring 2019.

Dates for the 2019 training cycle are as follows:

March: 23rd & 24th
April: 27th & 28th
May: 18th & 19th
June: 22nd & 23rd
July: 27th & 28th
September: 28th & 29th
October: 26th & 27th
November: 23rd & 24th