BISS Members – Webinars (Fee £20)

We are delighted to continue our BISS Webinars in 2022 (only open to BISS members) which give you the chance to gain teaching hours and further your understanding of Jungian sandplay therapy.  Each webinar is 2 hours on-line and is presented by a BISS/ISST Teaching Member. We are charging the very reasonable fee of £20 per webinar so that Teaching Members can be fully recompensed.  We need a minimum number of 8 participants to make it a viable event so please register early to secure your place – this event is for all BISS members, whether trainees or fully certified.

March 31st – Valeria Grishko (ISTA)
Ego Development and Differentiation in Kalffian Sandplay.  

This webinar will explore the process of ego development and differentiation in early childhood as informed by the work of Kalff, Neumann and Fordham.  A case example will be shared. 

May 26th – Carlo Ruffino (AISPT)
Nostalgia of Father in Sandplay
Starting from the mythological and archetypal level of the father-child relationship, as exemplified in the myth of Isis, Osiris and Horus, Carlo will develop a reflection on ‘nostalgia of the father’, illustrated with sandplay cases.  

July 28th – Bert Meltzer (ISTA)
The First Sandtray

October 27th – Maggie Baron (BISS) and BISS co-presenters
Waters and their Different ways

A Delving into the Waters of Fairy Tales, Alchemy, Music, and the Body

December 1st – Helen Gogarty (BISS)
‘Dissociation – an avoidant stress response;  How it presents in the sandplays of clients who have experienced trauma’

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